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Towel rails from the manufacturer Polywarm

Polywarm is the only manufacturer of low-carbon steel towel rails in Ukraine.

Taking into account the experience of foreign manufacturers of similar products, using the most modern and reliable technologies of the production process, in 2002 our company began the production of Polywarm heated towel rails that meet the highest European standards and are also adapted to domestic operating conditions..

Anti-corrosion treatment of metal, double polymer coating, pipe thickness, designed for domestic heating systems. Improvement in the technology of soldering connecting seams has allowed the production of heated towel rails that are not inferior to the best European examples from our product range.

To date, the Polywarm range is represented by more than 10 types of water heated towel rails. You can choose towel warmers of such a profile, size and power that fit perfectly into the room.

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Always ready
A unique control system that ensures constant perfect heating and economy. A well-defined temperature is maintained. Design solutions that bring pleasure


Imagine your bath

Manufacturer No. 1 in Ukraine of heated towel rails makes it possible to realize any bold design solutions for radiators in your bathroom. Just imagine how cool it can lookь


Just nothing more

Cozy warmth. Economical power transmission. Design with the perfect feel. Polywarm towel rails have proven their reliability and efficiency in everyday work for 20 years.
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